Monday, September 26, 2016

LED Clip-on Taper Candles - Set of 24

LED Clip-on Taper Candles - Ladybug JunctionI had to stop working for a minute and share a new product for you because I think you will fall in love with these and find wonderful things to do with them not only for the holidays, but all year long. I don't know about you but I've always loved the Victorian look of a Christmas tree with candles as opposed to or in addition to twinkle lights. There have been companies out there that have tried to tackle this task but since the candles were wired they didn't stand well, could only be placed on 1 tree, just plain didn't look good, etc. We have the perfect solution!

Our LED Clip-on Taper Candles sets from Melrose International give you 24 LED candles (which is 2 sets of 12 candles) that can clip anywhere and work from a remote!! Yep, no more wires. So, not only can you put these on your trees but you can also place in other areas of your home that need a little more lighting for the holidays. Isn't that great???

LED Clip-on Taper Candles - Ladybug Junction

Clip of LED Taper specs:

These tapers are made of plastic, are off-white in color, each house an LED bulb, have a clip on the bottom, and have a remote control for turning on/off all 12 simultaneously. Each taper stands 4" tall and requires 1 AAA to function.

LED Clip-on Taper Candles on garland- Ladybug Junction


You'll love these candles, they are perfect for anywhere you need some extra light. They'll even clip to your favorite ugly sweater for your famous ugly sweater party. Have fun with won't be disappointed.

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