Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fit40 Transformation Tuesday

Yep, this is me. I turned 40 this past weekend. EEK 40! Anywho, I was dumping the pics from my phone to my computer and somehow stumbled upon this pic from a bachelorette party my friend and I had at my house for our friend who was getting married 5 years ago. I also just had to have my license pic renewed yesterday and noticed such a huge difference between now and the pic from 4 years ago so decided to look at the 35yr old pic against my birthday party from this weekend. I can't believe the difference. 

A few years ago I looked in the mirror and was not happy so I said NO MORE. I had tried diets which never work....the lbs just come back and with a vengeance. I'd starve myself on Weight Watchers (not downing it, just didn't work for me) just to lose weight to go on vacation and then come home and eat like crazy because I had been starved. I'd do Jillian Michael's workouts with the girls at work (which I liked temporarily), but motivation was a huge issue for me. Unless I had a group of friends I didn't care to keep going. Not gonna lie, sometimes I still have motivation issues, but then I realize that I miss the adrenaline rush of getting a good sweat with Shaun T and get up and move. I started with T25 with my husband because he saw the infomercial and said "I want those DVD's". Well, I was worried about his health so that's all he had to say, I purchased but figured they'd just be a dust collector. WRONG! Shaun T is amazing and I found I didn't even need my girlfriends, I just started liking to do his workouts. I started losing weight but didn't start seeing major results until I changed my eating habits and started drinking Shakeology. Eventually I used the portion control from 21 Day fix and did a cleanse but did T25 and then moved onto Insanity Max 30. I'm addicted to Max 30....and use it as my ongoing routine. Every once in a while I jump around to different beachbody workouts and actually today I decided to give a nod of thanks to my start so I started T25 again. I love Shaun T incase you couldn't tell. :)  Sometimes I do Cize as an extra workout so that I have more than just 1 workout per day. I still have some additional lbs I'd like to lose, but I'm happy, my heart feels good, and a bum knee that I have feels so much better now that there is muscle rather than fat around it. I ran with my dog for a long run last year on vacation without thinking I was going to die. My husband said while we were on vacation this year that Shaun T has definitely made a difference because he can't keep up with me on our beach walks. (and by beach walks I mean we walk at least 11 miles per day)

This year I was concerned with being healthy going into my 40th year. I had a friend who had just passed away unexpectedly at 40 and a relative who just passed away unexpectedly at 50. There is a history of heart issues in my family, including my father. Years ago my aunt walked into a KMart and passed of a heart attack right in the entrance of the store. I don't want that to be me. I know I can't control when or how I leave this world, that's in God's hands. I don't know if I can prevent heart issues, but if they do come it won't be because I sat on the couch eating junk and never moving around. I've been doing these programs for 3+ years now and don't want to stop. I'm 40 as of this weekend so I guess my next goal to keep myself going is Fit 50!! 

In conclusion, I may have a few more wrinkles than I did 5 yrs ago, but #Beachbody, Shakeology and of course my favorite butt kicker ...#ShaunT are the reason why I have a lot more lean muscle, endurance and 18lbs less baggage that has stayed off unlike other plans I've done. 

Big THANKS to Shaun T for being an amazing motivation. There's nothing fake about that man, he really cares and that's what makes folks want to get up and do his programs. 

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Am I trying to sell anything? Nope...I have Ladybug Junction to worry about. Can I help you get into a great program? Yep! I'd love to, but THAT IS UP TO YOU! If you want some help, contact me through our Ladybug Junction contact form and I'll get you some more info.

Now...I'm gonna go have a nice glass of wine with my hubby! (Oh and NOT feel 1 bit of guilt about it!) Cheers!

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