Friday, September 2, 2016

🍂 For the Love of Fall & Burlap 🍂

Burlap Home Decor for FallAlright so...I know I know the debate is on as to whether or not it's too early to speak that 4 letter F-word. I was talking about Fall...what did you think I meant? lol. I'm a huge pumpkin fan and at the very chance that I can put my pumpkins out I'm in for sure. On the same token for those that want to start moving into warmer decor without diving as far into the full swing of Autumn warm colors, smells and flannels, I say go Burlap. Now, don't get me wrong, burlap is a year round neutral piece and can be customized throughout all decor at any point in time. Right now though burlap is a wonderful stepping stone into fall while still hanging onto the apron strings of summer. Below are some examples of baby steps into fall with some great simple updates you can make to your current summer decor to add just a smidgen of neutral to your beloved bright colors. Get ready though because the pumpkin rush is on.


What a better way to get a little more fall without diving right in then updating your bedding pillows or bed skirt? Your shams and bed skirt no longer need to be the exact match to the quilt or bedspread that you are using. Add a little texture and neutral to your bedding with these great updates.

Burlap Shams: Standard Sham, Luxury Size Sham (King), Euro
Burlap Pillow Cases: Set of 2
Burlap Bed Skirt / Dust Ruffle King, Queen, Twin

And what about a few little Decor Pillows to toss around? We have some really cute toss pillows in burlap.




So, those are some great updates to your bedroom, but what about your kitchen or dining table? Anytime you add a little burlap accent to your current decor you'll love what you see. 

Burlap Fringed Placemats  from Nancy's Nook

Or how about a Table Cloth or a
40x40 center burlap table topper. I personally have a burlap table topper on my dining room table most of the year.

Table Runners also make a great statement. We love the Burlap Natural in Reverse Seam from Nancy's Nook available in 3 sizes and perfect to take you into winter (ok...I know I brought up the w word, so sorry...eek!!)

Burlap Natural Reverse Seam Patch Runners available sizes: 13x36 13x48 13x72

Final thoughts. I'm sure you've seen the burlap wreaths all over the place, possibly on your neighbors door. Well, you can look up instructions on Pinterest, head to the store and buy a bunch of burlap and spend hours working on a beautiful work of art OR you can buy one already made and if you'd like, jazz it up. Check out our Burlap Natural Wreaths available in 2 sizes and ready to adorn your door or wall. Take them from season to season by adding a little love with floral accents or cute little finds. You can make these wreaths special gifts with special fun items from Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics OR just let them show off their burlap glory by going au natural. Whatever you do have fun! 

Available Sizes: 15" Diameter or 20" Diameter (wreaths have a 2.75" depth)

PS...Not pushing Christmas or anything I promise, but we also have Green, Red, Red & Natural and Red,Green & Natural Wreaths for your decorating pleasure. 

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