Friday, September 30, 2016

Rustic French Country Birdcages

The look of French Country is intriguing as it is, but when you add a little rustic've got the perfect masterpiece. One of my favorite Rustic French Country Home Decor items are bird cages in metal that has been distressed or have the appearance of rust and distressing. We have 3 great pieces to share with you today that you can use with simple accents to make a statement in your home.

Our first item are these adorable lanterns that can be used inside or out and have been given a faux rusted green patina look. The possibilities are endless with these Bird Cage Lanterns in a Set of 2 from Melrose. Of course I would add our LED timer candles or our LED Simplux moving flame candles in white. I would also grab some brown pull moss and a few sprigs of green with delicate white flowers from the local craft store. This piece would be great in a bathroom either as a pair or split. In the smaller I would roll some crisp white washcloths with jute string and simply place them leaning to the back corner with small toiletries in the front (maybe a little birdie). Depending on space, I would add small rattan balls. Add a cute white tulle bow, burlap or jute as a finishing touch. Find a little white bird and perch it atop for the finishing bow.

If you have the space, these Larger Standing Birdcage Lanterns are great again for either outdoor or indoors. This neutral grey faux distressed look means you can do a lot or a little color and get a great effect. Taking a simple approach, I would once again grab a neutral pull moss from the local craft store for the lantern base and then I'd add either artificial or depending on your location real ferns. We have a great set of faux Potted Ferns In Glass Jars in a Set of 3, the pots are brown so I would wrap them in a natural color parchment paper with a jute string that is knotted. For a little color add sprays of a light colored flower, ex a very pale pink or even white.

These lanterns are versatile. Take these out in the mid spring into summer and add potted citronella plants to keep insects away and add a light lemon scent to your patio. Add faux lemons where room allows around the bottom of the plantings. For lighting add a small solar up-light from your local hardware store.

For end of fall into winter bring these lanterns into your entry. Pull everything out and add cedar clippings, cinnamon pine comes, cinnamon sticks and then place different height LED timer candles or our LED Simplux moving flame candles that have a simple burlap bow around each. Near Christmas add some faux sprigs of red berries or cranberries from your local craft store for a little color.

If you have a smaller space or are just looking for a little extra something, these Oxidized Birdcage Stand Lanterns make a perfect addition to your French Country decor by adding height and a little rustic appeal in grey that has been oxidized. Add LED candles or even a little greenery with delicate flowers and small birdies to add just the right look to your current decor. 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

LED Clip-on Taper Candles - Set of 24

LED Clip-on Taper Candles - Ladybug JunctionI had to stop working for a minute and share a new product for you because I think you will fall in love with these and find wonderful things to do with them not only for the holidays, but all year long. I don't know about you but I've always loved the Victorian look of a Christmas tree with candles as opposed to or in addition to twinkle lights. There have been companies out there that have tried to tackle this task but since the candles were wired they didn't stand well, could only be placed on 1 tree, just plain didn't look good, etc. We have the perfect solution!

Our LED Clip-on Taper Candles sets from Melrose International give you 24 LED candles (which is 2 sets of 12 candles) that can clip anywhere and work from a remote!! Yep, no more wires. So, not only can you put these on your trees but you can also place in other areas of your home that need a little more lighting for the holidays. Isn't that great???

LED Clip-on Taper Candles - Ladybug Junction

Clip of LED Taper specs:

These tapers are made of plastic, are off-white in color, each house an LED bulb, have a clip on the bottom, and have a remote control for turning on/off all 12 simultaneously. Each taper stands 4" tall and requires 1 AAA to function.

LED Clip-on Taper Candles on garland- Ladybug Junction


You'll love these candles, they are perfect for anywhere you need some extra light. They'll even clip to your favorite ugly sweater for your famous ugly sweater party. Have fun with won't be disappointed.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fit40 Transformation Tuesday

Yep, this is me. I turned 40 this past weekend. EEK 40! Anywho, I was dumping the pics from my phone to my computer and somehow stumbled upon this pic from a bachelorette party my friend and I had at my house for our friend who was getting married 5 years ago. I also just had to have my license pic renewed yesterday and noticed such a huge difference between now and the pic from 4 years ago so decided to look at the 35yr old pic against my birthday party from this weekend. I can't believe the difference. 

A few years ago I looked in the mirror and was not happy so I said NO MORE. I had tried diets which never work....the lbs just come back and with a vengeance. I'd starve myself on Weight Watchers (not downing it, just didn't work for me) just to lose weight to go on vacation and then come home and eat like crazy because I had been starved. I'd do Jillian Michael's workouts with the girls at work (which I liked temporarily), but motivation was a huge issue for me. Unless I had a group of friends I didn't care to keep going. Not gonna lie, sometimes I still have motivation issues, but then I realize that I miss the adrenaline rush of getting a good sweat with Shaun T and get up and move. I started with T25 with my husband because he saw the infomercial and said "I want those DVD's". Well, I was worried about his health so that's all he had to say, I purchased but figured they'd just be a dust collector. WRONG! Shaun T is amazing and I found I didn't even need my girlfriends, I just started liking to do his workouts. I started losing weight but didn't start seeing major results until I changed my eating habits and started drinking Shakeology. Eventually I used the portion control from 21 Day fix and did a cleanse but did T25 and then moved onto Insanity Max 30. I'm addicted to Max 30....and use it as my ongoing routine. Every once in a while I jump around to different beachbody workouts and actually today I decided to give a nod of thanks to my start so I started T25 again. I love Shaun T incase you couldn't tell. :)  Sometimes I do Cize as an extra workout so that I have more than just 1 workout per day. I still have some additional lbs I'd like to lose, but I'm happy, my heart feels good, and a bum knee that I have feels so much better now that there is muscle rather than fat around it. I ran with my dog for a long run last year on vacation without thinking I was going to die. My husband said while we were on vacation this year that Shaun T has definitely made a difference because he can't keep up with me on our beach walks. (and by beach walks I mean we walk at least 11 miles per day)

This year I was concerned with being healthy going into my 40th year. I had a friend who had just passed away unexpectedly at 40 and a relative who just passed away unexpectedly at 50. There is a history of heart issues in my family, including my father. Years ago my aunt walked into a KMart and passed of a heart attack right in the entrance of the store. I don't want that to be me. I know I can't control when or how I leave this world, that's in God's hands. I don't know if I can prevent heart issues, but if they do come it won't be because I sat on the couch eating junk and never moving around. I've been doing these programs for 3+ years now and don't want to stop. I'm 40 as of this weekend so I guess my next goal to keep myself going is Fit 50!! 

In conclusion, I may have a few more wrinkles than I did 5 yrs ago, but #Beachbody, Shakeology and of course my favorite butt kicker ...#ShaunT are the reason why I have a lot more lean muscle, endurance and 18lbs less baggage that has stayed off unlike other plans I've done. 

Big THANKS to Shaun T for being an amazing motivation. There's nothing fake about that man, he really cares and that's what makes folks want to get up and do his programs. 

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Am I trying to sell anything? Nope...I have Ladybug Junction to worry about. Can I help you get into a great program? Yep! I'd love to, but THAT IS UP TO YOU! If you want some help, contact me through our Ladybug Junction contact form and I'll get you some more info.

Now...I'm gonna go have a nice glass of wine with my hubby! (Oh and NOT feel 1 bit of guilt about it!) Cheers!

Friday, September 2, 2016

🍂 For the Love of Fall & Burlap 🍂

Burlap Home Decor for FallAlright so...I know I know the debate is on as to whether or not it's too early to speak that 4 letter F-word. I was talking about Fall...what did you think I meant? lol. I'm a huge pumpkin fan and at the very chance that I can put my pumpkins out I'm in for sure. On the same token for those that want to start moving into warmer decor without diving as far into the full swing of Autumn warm colors, smells and flannels, I say go Burlap. Now, don't get me wrong, burlap is a year round neutral piece and can be customized throughout all decor at any point in time. Right now though burlap is a wonderful stepping stone into fall while still hanging onto the apron strings of summer. Below are some examples of baby steps into fall with some great simple updates you can make to your current summer decor to add just a smidgen of neutral to your beloved bright colors. Get ready though because the pumpkin rush is on.


What a better way to get a little more fall without diving right in then updating your bedding pillows or bed skirt? Your shams and bed skirt no longer need to be the exact match to the quilt or bedspread that you are using. Add a little texture and neutral to your bedding with these great updates.

Burlap Shams: Standard Sham, Luxury Size Sham (King), Euro
Burlap Pillow Cases: Set of 2
Burlap Bed Skirt / Dust Ruffle King, Queen, Twin

And what about a few little Decor Pillows to toss around? We have some really cute toss pillows in burlap.




So, those are some great updates to your bedroom, but what about your kitchen or dining table? Anytime you add a little burlap accent to your current decor you'll love what you see. 

Burlap Fringed Placemats  from Nancy's Nook

Or how about a Table Cloth or a
40x40 center burlap table topper. I personally have a burlap table topper on my dining room table most of the year.

Table Runners also make a great statement. We love the Burlap Natural in Reverse Seam from Nancy's Nook available in 3 sizes and perfect to take you into winter (ok...I know I brought up the w word, so sorry...eek!!)

Burlap Natural Reverse Seam Patch Runners available sizes: 13x36 13x48 13x72

Final thoughts. I'm sure you've seen the burlap wreaths all over the place, possibly on your neighbors door. Well, you can look up instructions on Pinterest, head to the store and buy a bunch of burlap and spend hours working on a beautiful work of art OR you can buy one already made and if you'd like, jazz it up. Check out our Burlap Natural Wreaths available in 2 sizes and ready to adorn your door or wall. Take them from season to season by adding a little love with floral accents or cute little finds. You can make these wreaths special gifts with special fun items from Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics OR just let them show off their burlap glory by going au natural. Whatever you do have fun! 

Available Sizes: 15" Diameter or 20" Diameter (wreaths have a 2.75" depth)

PS...Not pushing Christmas or anything I promise, but we also have Green, Red, Red & Natural and Red,Green & Natural Wreaths for your decorating pleasure.