Saturday, October 13, 2012

Safe Flameless LED Battery Operated Candles

LED Flameless LED Candles - Ladybug Junction

Ladybug Junction is pleased to offer our new line of Safe Flameless LED Battery Operated Candles for your home decorating needs. Safe for everyone, no worries of fires or toxins while still giving the appearance of a flickering candlelight. Our LED Battery Operated set and forget candles are perfect additions to your home. Simply select 4 or 8 hours once at the time you’d like the candle to turn on each day, put in place, and the candle will turn on at the same time everyday for the length of time you selected. Simple as that, no looking for a remote, no remembering to turn them on or off, just simply enjoy. Candles are Battery Operated with 2C or 2D Batteries not included with candle.