Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rustic Deer Antler Candle Holder

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Deer Antler Candle Holder : Melrose International at Ladybug Junction
Wanted to show you a little lovely in honor of all of our hunters in PA who are doing a little archery. We have a really cool Deer Antler Candle Holder (candle not included) that looks great in a rustic setting sitting on an end table adding soft lighting to your lodge room. Hmmm, I may have to get hubby one of these for his office. Shine a little soft lighting on Fernando, Jethro, Fred and Elahandro. Yep, I named his deer! Call me crazy, but if I have to see them on a wall in my home I at least will give them fun names. Elahandro's name is still up in the air, I need a good name for him so this may change, but a goodie for now. :)

Anyway, I digress. I do get off tangent a bit sometime, huh? So take a peek at our fun Deer Antler Candle Holder. It's a great piece for your rustic lodge feel with or without deer mounted on your wall!! :)

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Pumpkin Tea Light Holders aka Pumpkin Houses!

16" Pumpkin Tea Light Holder : Melrose International : Ladybug Junction
Oh my goodness! I'm in love with these big ol pumpkin houses so I thought I'd take a break from working and tell you about them.

These polyresin Pumpkin Tea Light Holders from Melrose International have been a hot number already in the last week and I'm telling you now...get them before next Friday because they are on SALE and they are in short supply.

How adorable are these? First, from the pictures I think the pumpkins look little, but they are not. The shorter looking pumpkin measures 12in L 7in W 12in H and the taller of the 2 measures 16in L 13in W 16in H. Yep, have my little ruler out and that's big! I don't know what size pumpkins you buy, but these guys are the same size as some of my favorite festive jack o lantern without the mess. Did I mention that they look like cute little houses? Enjoy these pumpkins for years to come boasting their cute little doors, window, bat and star cut outs so your favorite candle (your favorite battery operated timer candles sold separately on our website ... hint hint) shows through.

12" Pumpkin Tea Light Holder : Melrose International : Ladybug JunctionCLICK HERE 
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I hope you love these cuties as much as I do.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hanging Tea Light Lantern

Charming yet unique is how I will describe this beautiful Hanging Tea Light Lantern from Melrose International. New for 2016, this is a great hanging piece and we know you'll fall in love with it as much as we have. The scroll work on both the top and bottom gives a dramatic look to still a simply elegant piece with included glass panels on all sides. This Hanging Tea Light Lantern makes a wonderful edition to adding a little light to a warm corner, or as a showpiece over a small accent table displaying your favorite home decor pieces. From a practical perspective this lantern is a great in the event the lights go out and cuts down on electricity since you'll either use LED or Flame tea lights to light. 

Hanging Tea Light Lantern  : Ladybug JunctionDon't forget your LED Flickering Tea Lights. We have them available in sets of 12. They're great and work off of included 2 lithium batteries each. The good news with the longer lasting battery is they aren't going to burn out in the middle of your get together or for months to come for that matter, and they'll remain bright offering a warm glow consistently. You choose the time you'd like them to light up everyday, simply press the button on day 1 at the time you'd like and they'll turn on at the same time everyday and stay lit for 6 hours daily. These are the perfect lighting option and great if you had little ones running around because they can't burn their little fingers.

LED Flickering Tea Lights: Ladybug JunctionSo, grab this unique lantern and our LED flickering tea lights and make a statement in your home today. 

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Hanging Metal and Wood Lantern

Had to take a moment to talk about this awesome hanging lantern. I'm a stickler for interesting finds and I fell in love with the simplicity of this lantern which works with most design themes. This hanging lantern provides a metal framework however houses a wooden top and base and link chain for hanging. The fun part is there's a glass candle holder in the center to hold your favorite Set and Forget Battery LED timer pillar candle from Ladybug Junction or if you don't need the lighting your favorite home decor pieces that deserve an innovative display. 

Hanging Lantern : Ladybug Junction

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall In Love With Autumn Sale!!!

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