Friday, October 7, 2016

Pumpkin Tea Light Holders aka Pumpkin Houses!

16" Pumpkin Tea Light Holder : Melrose International : Ladybug Junction
Oh my goodness! I'm in love with these big ol pumpkin houses so I thought I'd take a break from working and tell you about them.

These polyresin Pumpkin Tea Light Holders from Melrose International have been a hot number already in the last week and I'm telling you now...get them before next Friday because they are on SALE and they are in short supply.

How adorable are these? First, from the pictures I think the pumpkins look little, but they are not. The shorter looking pumpkin measures 12in L 7in W 12in H and the taller of the 2 measures 16in L 13in W 16in H. Yep, have my little ruler out and that's big! I don't know what size pumpkins you buy, but these guys are the same size as some of my favorite festive jack o lantern without the mess. Did I mention that they look like cute little houses? Enjoy these pumpkins for years to come boasting their cute little doors, window, bat and star cut outs so your favorite candle (your favorite battery operated timer candles sold separately on our website ... hint hint) shows through.

12" Pumpkin Tea Light Holder : Melrose International : Ladybug JunctionCLICK HERE 
to Shop the shorter 12" Pumpkin Tea Light Holder 

CLICK HERE to Shop the Taller 16" Pumpkin Tea Light Holder

I hope you love these cuties as much as I do.
Drop on over to Ladybug Junction and grab these 2 goodies and then don't miss the rest of our SALE available now thru 10/16 at midnight eastern. Happy Shopping

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