Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Whitewash Style For Your Walls & Pretty Wreaths For Your Door.

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Farmhouse style is such a wonderful way to make a statement in your home whether it is your stand alone style or you're like me, more eclectic in your decor. I'm a huge fan of encouraging word, whether it be simple phrases like Home Sweet Home or my favorite scripture. I've chosen a couple pieces today to share that I've just added in our NEW! section of the site to give you inspiration and decor ideas for your encouraging farmhouse style. Take a peek and let me know what you think. 
Home Sweet Home Pine Pallet Board Wall Decor
We love wreaths and use them quite a bit on our door, but ... there's always room for something out of the ordinary. Have a glass storm door that protects your main door to your home from weather?  Use a fun wall decor piece on your main door instead. Discreet command hooks, a little bit of jute or even a weathered piece of wire go a long way if you don't have glass on your main protected door. Heavy duty suction cups work wonders if you do have a little glass on your protected door. As long as you can secure the piece to prevent it from falling, the possibilities are endless for styling your door. When using a square piece, don't be afraid to hang the piece from the corner to change the dynamic of the intended shape.
Home Sweet Home Pine Pallet Board Wall Decor
Alright, Alright, I know I just offered a tip about not using a wreath on the door, but that's also to mix things up a bit taking a chance on something new. You still want to showcase beautiful wreaths for your door or throughout your home for great pops of color (see my tips below). Spring wreath sales are already in full effect so I wanted to share 2 that are very popular right now. You'll notice they're the same design, just different in color. They are both stunning hydrangea wreaths offering 2 coloring options that are just a matter of your preference. Personally, I love the green and purple, but that's just me. Let me know what you think. (On a side note, these 2 are both in short supply so if you love these like we do....don't hold off, grab then now.)
Green and Purple Mixed Hydrangea Wreath 20in
Blue and Purple Mixed Hydrangea Wreath 20in
So.....if you now have art on your door then you need a place for your wreath right? I have some ideas for you.

Wreaths are beautiful on accent mirrors. Grab heavy duty suction cups and voila! I get my suction cups from Amazon and choose 25-30lb strength for use both inside and out of the home. I live in a windy area so the extra lbs are necessary for the holidays. I currently have a boxwood wreath in my entryway which is meant to go on my door once things thaw a bit. For now it's suctioned to my big accent mirror and it works wonderfully paired with 2 of my cream washed lanterns (grab yours here in a set of 3) on my accent table. In the lanterns I added some small pinecones and borrowed a few sprigs from the wreath to pull everything together. Very simple.

I also love using my favorite crazy daisy wreath (grab yours here) as a centerpiece on my kitchen table. I add a trio of our LED Timer Candles dropped into glass hurricanes (sometimes just candles alone) and it's multi functional providing style and a little ambiance at night.

Don't be afraid to try something new....wreaths are so much fun to use for decorating any space.
Green and Purple Mixed Hydrangea Wreath 20in
Green and Purple Mixed Hydrangea Wreath 20in
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