Wednesday, February 1, 2017

They're Here! New Bella Taylor Handbags for Spring

They're Here! New Bella Taylor Handbags for Spring

Shop Bella Taylor Handbags New for 2017

Whoohooo!!! It's been a long wait, but they're here!!! Check out our Bella Taylor Handbags Collection New for Spring 2017. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

2016 was a really tough year. In October Bella Taylor / VHC Brands, our largest product partnership, suffered a horrible fire which resulted in millions of dollars worth of damage and loss of inventory. This fire impacted Ladybug Junction tremendously and just about crushed our company during a time when we were already struggling with sales down substantially from the prior year as election years have historically been bad for us. In all honesty the jury is still out, we are still not out of the woods and have been struggling to remain in business ever since. Being a small company often has advantages, but when something big happens like a fire, it's very hard to keep our heads above water. Although times are tough, my faith is not moved and I will do everything I can to stay open. We're excited to share that Bella Taylor / VHC Brands have been doing an amazing job at getting back on track. They're even already in the midst of building an even bigger and better warehouse and boasting huge things for 2017 and beyond. With their great efforts we're able to offer you the New Bella Taylor Spring line along with some awesome new home decor lines for your entire home. Mike and I wish to thank all of you who have stayed with us during this difficult time. We appreciate you and I'm working as hard as I can to make this work. God has a plan for us so I'm leaning on my faith to keep me going.

With all of that being said....Bella Taylor is back for spring with a whole new line, new bags and new ideas striking a perfect cord of fun, sophistication and affordability. For Spring 2017, Bella Taylor dives into new outstanding looks and accentuating what has always worked. Look for bold designs from fresh takes on Americana to camouflage, the way only Bella Taylor can. Inspiration is all over the place in the latest Bella Taylor items. The prints are fun, the leather is real, and subtle touches that make the latest groups right at home with traditional looks as well as the trends which are always fun. We are excited to share these new items with you and hope you'll enjoy them as we move forward to make a great 2017.

Stay tuned, we have multiple new collections coming in Home Decor and more.  

God Bless & Happy Shopping,

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